A Turn Phrase

8" x 10" A turn of  phrase .jpg


“Turn of Phrase”

Words are as one with emotions, a turn of phrase is inspired communication.

Flowing energy out and then back again the twisting and turning of literary genius makes humanity immortal.

Phrases are energy that never ceases but only grows more rich with the passage of time.

Caporal forms wither, movements ebb and flow the spoken word lives held together with an intangible life force that defies deffiniton, escapes analyst and outlives its creator many times over.

Twisting and turning, gleaming and growing dark, rising to the highest, sinking to the lowest.

A turn of phrase, a force of ego cast in a shroud of intelligence and wisdom, beauty and simplicity last through the ages.

Survives political upheaval, civilizations, blood lines and even the very language that gave life to the idea.

Infinite expression made very real, and very present. Growing darkly, shimmering with lightness, undefinable beauty.