Freewill Art blog is about seeing art and making art in Houston Texas.  James Armentor is the author of this blog.  A life long artist, handy man and master tradesman.  A Texan from a young age,  James has lived the life of a modern man in an industrial setting.  This reality is reflected in Armentor’s art very strongly.  Houston is a rough and tumble place with hot horrible weather, snarled traffic and people with a no prisoners attitude.  Yet, it is a place of great beauty.

When you peel back the layers of concrete, industry and congestion, it is a very green city.  Huge trees are everywhere and lush sub-tropical gardens flourish.  The native people are tough, yet friendly.  True Texan, yet metropolitan and very diverse in background.   It’s an oil town, yet full of culture.  Houston has a thriving arts and theater scene.

The white-collar and blue-collar blend seamlessly in night clubs and bars.   Tons of low tech industry everywhere you look and also the highest tech medical and space tech on the planet.  There is no building zoning in Houston.  No enclaves where industry and commercial interest are tucked away from every day life.   High rise buildings rise from forested neighborhoods like monoliths.  A typical street will have a million dollar house, a body shop, a church, a bar, a small  1920’s bungalow and a restaurant.   Armentor and his charming wife live in the oldest area of Houston in a 1920’s bungalow in an area called The Heights.  The Heights is quickly becoming known for an art center.  Independent film theaters, opera houses and art galleries are a common site.

When the sun sets in the evening and the local eateries, bars and theaters light up, the Heights undergoes an amazing transformation.  The body shops, small factories and warehouses  slip into the night and an entirely new world emerges.  Small nightclubs, restaurants, theaters and even festivals like White Linen Night obscure the normal busy industry and project a much more festive attitude.

Industry and art co-exist and are coursing through this very unusual city.  Yes, Houston is full of very surprising contradictions.  Armentor’s art celebrates  the freewill of his surroundings.


Please share this blog with anyone interested in Houston,  Art or just some one who might appreciate the out of the ordinary in a city that has mastered the art of freewill and the artist that reflects it.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. marvelousmarvelous says:

    Integrating different aspects of a city and the art within that city sounds fascinating. Looking forward to learning more & to seeing some of your art. Marvelous!


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