Believe to Achieve

The creation of anything is a process. From a pencil to a high performance car there must be a process. It’s called the creative process.


Imagination is the very first step. See & believe what must be created in your mind, create it so vibrantly you can see it from every angle. Once it’s created in your mind it has life and breath. An idea properly visualized actually has substance. You can believe it.

That starts the second step in the creation process. Faith to achieve. You must keep the faith to achieve. An idea is like a plant, it must be feed and watered from a seed. But that is not enough to grow, it also needs light. The light to a plant is like faith is to an idea. The sun gives life to all living things on this planet this process is akin to faith of an idea. The light of an unwavering faith in the end result of an idea makes the idea grow in the mind, gives the idea a tangible force and fills it with the warmth of kind and loving attention.

The third step in the creation process is focused action. Once an idea has been properly constructed in the mind and nurtured by the faith to make it real action is required. Some times called right action or inspired direction.

What is all important is to keep the faith you will achieve it.

Imagine, Believe and Achieve.


Art Freewill logo art sketch #1