3 Points?

Did you notice the 3 points?  Are they on the edge of your perception?  How can we live in three directions at one time?  The points are there in your everyday thoughts.  When you imagine the future, see the present and remember the past.

The master knows the future is an illusion, the past is unreachable and the present is fleeting.  What interesting creatures most of us are with infinite minds and brief finite lives.  Always looking to the future even though it can not be obtained in the present.  At the same time most live part of their precious lives in the past even though they cannot change it.

The uninitiated them selves into the future to some imagined goal or disaster that needs attention constantly.  Almost never living in the present because we are distracted by the other two points that hang just out of reach.

The master knows to look into the center of the triangle.  To see the Fibonacci spiral of time and space and appreciate the beauty of the now without being consumed by desire to live for the future or to relive the past.  Both are fool’s errands.

The now is all there is and all that ever will be.