The Art of Thankfulness


“Top Side Down” Automotive paint on sheet metal. Here the top is still a triumph . It manages to keep the down where it can observe it.

When we are young we are tought the art of thankfulness out of an old and very wise tradition. “James say thank you” was a phrase repeated many times by my loving parents. And what a wise and wonderful thing to teach to a young person. This tradition spans the ages. Perhaps we don’t fully appreciate the impact thankfulness has on our wonderful society. Thankfulness is a great power, a power that leads to receiving more to be thankful for. It has been said that the great minds of the past and present express their thankfulness every time they receive. Every time an idea, feeling, or positive circumstance comes their way a gift is given in return. A gift that is free and at the same time priceless. Some great minds know this seccret; some great minds use this power from routine. It’s the power of “James say thank you.” an echo from the past. The feeling of thankfulness is a key, a key that unlocks all the riches of life. Instinctively we all know this secret; that is why it has been passed down through the ages. The greatest minds use thankfulness every moment they are receiving. This creates a frequency and a path where the energy of appreciating the great gift of life brings them more things to be thankful for. Look around, you don’t have to look far to see the loving attention given to all manmade objects. For example, the computers we use for our work — imagine the designers that first developed the shape and configuration of the case. Imagine their pride at creating a product that affects people’s daily life in such profound ways. Look at the desk you have or the chair you are sitting on. Each manmade creation is the expression of love and the feeling frequency of thankfulness. The people that designed, built, transported and retailed these items used their life energy to bring them to you. In return they were provided with means to have family, food, pets, good times and shelter. We are thankful when we purchase these items, we smile, hand over some of the product of our life energy and say thank you to the clerk when we purchase an item. That is a powerful event. Think of all the things that transpire in that second. All the way from the very beginging of the process to the end of a purchase, loving attention is given. Routine may cloud this reality, but on closer examination it could not and would not be possible without the loving attention of all the people involved. People can do a task, perhaps even do it well, not knowing that the energy of love is flowing through them. However, the reality is love and thankfulness are such powerful forces that they flow through us without our knowing most of the time. It can be like an echo, a voice from the past. “James say thank you” is a power that sticks to us, stored up like a battery and expresses itself in our daily work.  I make, observe and I am thankful for art in Houston Texas.  Please join me.  Please leave a comment!

Kind regards, James