Do You Feel the Trees?

Do you feel the trees when you see them, are they part of your life?  Sometimes, passing them on the road I sense them, when I am calm I feel them.  Seeing them is noticing them, admiring them is respectful, feeling them is an emotion.  They have a wisdom a deeply rooted and strong a connection with the earth, the emotion and wisdom of a tree is not necessarily the same as we perceive it in our own experience.  They may not have knowledge as a person would understand it, however they are among the wisest living things on the planet.

In order to feel the presence of trees you must first feel the life force inside.  Once you are grounded within your self as the trees are grounded by their roots you can feel them reaching out, communication to all that is grounded is taking place.  Trees also have a relation ship with the atmosphere of the earth.  Modern man has recently discovered trees actually emit and influence the appearance of particles that can fight off disease, ward off harmful funguses  and actually effect the climate by shielding some UV rays and even causing rain fall.  Also intelligent plants can produce particles that repel harmful insects, attract insects that eat harmful insects and even communicate with other plants creating a defensive network.

Now that we know trees and plants have the ability to react to their surroundings, build defensive strategies and must be self aware to achieve these feats will we feel the trees instead of just seeing them?

Feel the Trees.jpg