Armentor’s Airbrush Magical Workshop Tour


James Armentor takes you on a brief tour of his airbrush studio. It’s a really nice video sure to entertain and enlighten audiences young and old from all social and economic groups worldwide.

This video is non-political yet controversial in that it uses words spoken in a rich southern dialect that is sure to be banned from the planet for the good of all mankind any day now.
Join James as he takes the observer on a magical tour of a small space were a nearly functionally insane artist makes really fabulous art and looks fantastic doing it in his MOPAR tee shirt. Listen closely as Armentor displays his genius with unparalleled creativity, astounding good looks and marvelous charm.

Never, or at least not recently has anyone been so great at explaining the ins and outs, thrills and disappointments that the exciting world of art on sheetmetal with automotive paint can bring.

Dumpster diving construction never looked so good as it does in Armentor’s work shop. See up close and personal as James explains in excruciating detail how to frustrate and defy logic with reckless abandon while pressuring the end goal of complete dominance of the fine art on sheetmetal with automotive base and clear coat technique.

Best of all meet the modest, incredibly humble (although unbelievably marvelous) person you are almost sure to spend 15 minutes of your life watching. And certainly be driven to return to soak up more of this rare wisdom. All the while sharing links to this excellence with everyone from ex-spouses to complete strangers and even your long forgotten elementary school classmates.

You will not believe the incredible entertainment value and endless educational benefit you will derive from James’s nearly incoherent ramblings about how a great man spends his precious free time in a small highly ventilated and air conditioned environment in the middle of a great swamp know as Houston Texas.

Houston Texas, a land so cruel and so in hospitable there was no one here when old Sam Houston first arrived. Yet the people ticked into moving there were so determined to live in a swamp brought concrete to the marsh, ejected the hot air from their environments and scratched out a really great city in a most improbable place among the bayou.

Note* Unlike this description the video is really useful.

No cute cats, Albert Einstein, flying pigs, Tesla, The illuminati or the New World Order were harmed making this video.
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