Armentor Art YouTube #3

Armentor post his 3rd amazing must see video. Never has shameless self promotion looked so good as it does in this completely unscripted behind the scenes look at a mad man and his creations. Join James Armentor for an unrestrained look where previously untold secrets are revealed in a thrilling presentation of awesomeness.

Wow! is the only word that describes this artist almost coherent ramblings about how you can use extremely dangerous and expensive chemicals in your own home to make mind blowing art. Learn how a man has spent his precious free time locked away in a tiny room making amazing visual spectacles for unknown reasons and mysterious motivations.

Hit the like button and you will feel better about your life in general, have better health and live a heather longer life. Share and even more greatness will be bestowed upon you. Make a comment and I will personally address your query with my undivided and unbridled whit and charm.

Warning: If you read this description to the end there may be serious implications for your state of mental health.

James Armentor is NOT a mental health professional and none of the statements in this description were meant to diagnose, treat or cure any known or unknown or known unknown or unknown unknown disease. Also the statements in this description have not been evaluated by the FDA, the CDC, the ABC, the AC/DC, the OMG, the LOL, the ROFL or the XYZPDQ Associates or the Area of the Main Land Shore in Sub Central South Houston area Heights and Associated Conglomerates LTD. Better known as the XYZPDQAAMLSSCSHAC LTD also known as my cat Bright Eyes.

*disclaimer* (Bright Eyes is actually a stray cat that really likes my wife more than be, but will let me feed her and sometimes pick her up, it’s strange because no one else around here can pick her up. But, I still don’t think she likes me that much. She gets really excited when my wife comes home, me not as much)

Now that you know that about this video would it not be a shame if you did not do your self and every living being a favor by sending this amazingly informative, entertaining, enlightening, life extending, superiorly fantastically neat-o, really nice and easy to listen to and watch video.
Not to mention a great use of anyone’s free time unless your driving, well that’s not considered free time really. Especially in Houston Texas where your really should pay close attention to what your are doing while driving. It’s dangerous enough without strange people watching the amazing Armentor Youtube Channel while driving. Therefore, Armentor Art and his amazing blog site Artfreewill do not recommend driving while watching this video especially in Houston Texas. However, we do strongly encourage looking at art while parked in a safe location with the windows rolled up and the doors locked incase some miscreant were to try and steal your device so he/she, heshe, shehe, LBGTQ or any other type of human (that has a complete right to identify as any type of sexual person they want. I mean who am I to say what they should do or identify as. I guess that means I’m not a Republican. I mean really? Who cares? If she is a he or it is a her and it wants to get married to her and he or she?) could watch my videos instead of you. That is how awesome these videos really are.

Armentor Art is actually in somewhat serious negotiations with an outstanding musical talent, who is local. Well, he is local to me. I don’t know where you are. Anyway, he is seriously trying to avoid me asking him to write a song about how great I am. I don’t think that is too much to ask do you? I think it would be easy, although I don’t play an instrument and I have never written a song. How hard could it be? Some songs just repeat the same line over and over. I’m thinking something like..

“ Yeah, yeah that Armentor guy is a really, really good guy his name is Armentor and how could you go wrong with that? And he airbrushes like a god. Yeah, yeah!!”

Like I said I’m not a musician but, If that incredibly talented guy happens to get all the way to the bottom of this description he should get mental help. After that he could use the aforementioned line in his song about how great I am. I would be willing to split the profits from the song with him 30%-him 70%-me after expenses, mine expenses not his. I could spend a good bit of money drinking coffee and coming up with more things for him to sing.

I’m starting to think that this description could just keep going and going. Really? Does any one screen these things? What kind of a place is this anyway?

It’s a great place with free expression of ideas and I for one am very thankful for it.

As always: No cute cats, Albert Einstein, flying pigs, Tesla, The illuminati or the New World Order were harmed making this video.

Peace and kind regards,

James Armentor

PS. Be sure to hit the like button and share and make a comment even if its not a nice one. My friend the aforementioned musical genius. Well, I think he’s a friend, he might not like me after I ask him AGAIN! to write a song about me. Anyway he was telling me there is a lot of competition in YouTube land. And if I anyone was to start liking me more than someone else that makes airbrush videos I might get paid to have some guy or girl or… ok were are NOT doing that again, my fingers are getting tired. See above for my complete or somewhat complete description of what a he or she could be.

Anyway, he said that if people like me more than some other dudes making airbrush videos I could get paid to have somebody put another video in front of my video that you may or may not be able to skip in 5 seconds.

Am I the only one who feels guilty if I hit that skip button? It must be a GEN X thing but, I feel like I gotta watch how some dude is living on the beach making millions of dollars with his computer while I’m running around like an idiot trying to feed myself. Then if I don’t watch him telling me how he was a idiot like me not long ago until he started making millions because he got off his ass and life is great now I’m some kind of dead beat freeloader for watching a video when I hit the skip button.

So, he says subscribe, share and like me and pretty soon I’ll be a guy sitting on a beach telling you how you could use a computer to make millions of dollars. Sounds fair to me. I get rich you get more amazingly incoherent commentary!


Man this thing is taking a long, long time to load. Its my fault really, If you must know I used to have Clear because I really, really, really despise our local cable company. Who shall not be named due to legal reasons.

Anyway, I’m hard headed and a bit strange. No really, I’m sure that if you have gotten all the way down to the bottom of this description of this uniquely fantastically amazing video you have developed a serious drinking problem by now and are thinking is this guy for real? I mean who just sits there and types mindless and disturbed things and post them with his name all over it?

Anyway, Sprint bought out Clear Internet and just shut it down.. How rude. No replacement just a letter saying how great it was to have me as a customer for a month while they dismantle my somewhat slow but unlimited wireless internet connection. So, I bought a smart phone and I am using it as a hot spot and probably microwaving myself to death to post rambling descriptions for incredibly awesome videos while my phone is trying to squeeze this info in to cyberspace.

Ok thats it, I’m worn out, you win.. . Good night and hit the like button, or the dislike button.

I don’t know how it works on YouTube but I heard once all publicity is good publicity. Logic being that if your a known looser its better than being a unknown looser. It kind of makes sense when you think about it I guess.

But, in this case a like is preferred. I think I’ve earned it. I never went to collage, but I think I can imagine what its like to write a term paper now. Wow! It’s really hard. I’m not a bad typer but a terrible speller. I can type things into Google and it comes back with nothing.

Ok, that’s really it. Please for give the typos but at least I’m not using any text short cuts. God those things annoy me…. PLS instead of please. Really, PLS does not impress anyone!! Why bother to ask please if you can’t even type the dam thing out for God’s sake.

Man, I’m glad I got that off my chest, weird,, it must have really been eating at me… I’m in construction, well at least until you guys hit the like button and make me rich. Anyways, sometime construction does not attract the sharpest minds. That’s not really fair because you do have to be smart to make it in construction. At least with all of your body parts still attached at the end of your career.

However, there are lots of places for the less than intelligent and motivated to have a job too. Makes sense, a scholar would not be content with busting concrete all day. Anyway I see business e-mails come across with text language it’s just low brow. I’m sure other industries have the same thing going on but come on now let’s at least try to be professional.

Ok, alright that’s really, really it this time. I better go before my wife has me committed. That’s what she gets for leaving me alone for too long. No wonder why she sometimes has that look, like, “Ok what kind of weird stuff have you been doing all day?” Poor woman. I can’t imagine how she can put up with it. It’s not like I mistreat her, in fact I treat her like a queen. She has to put up with this kind of thing all the time so she deserves it. It’s not like you guys and girls and (refer to the top for details) who can just turn off the computer, grab a drink and say, I’ll never get the 20 minutes I spent watching that guy reading his very strange description and not to mention the time I spent sharing and liking and commenting on his awesome video back. Nope, she’s gotta put up with me 24/7. What a woman!

Remember: As always: No cute cats, Albert Einstein, flying pigs, Tesla, The illuminati or the New World Order were harmed making this video.