Vanguard For Art Freewill Youtube


Vanguard is watching over, staring and contemplating an action. To attack or defend always leaning toward the goal of the movement. Always on the front line and never leading from behind. Taking point and leading the movement. A stalwart defender and an feared aggressor. Is your vanguard on duty? Do you have an entity looking after you and your best interest? If not the time is now to employ the units, to dispatch the orders. Everyone needs a defender, and a champion.
“Vanguard” is produced on sheetmetal with automotive paint using a base coat clear coat system. I wanted the background to be defuse so a lot of pearlized paint was introduced into the cross hatch pattern. I knew their needed to be a striking warm color background and at the same time care needed to be taken to avoid clashes with the warm colored ribbon in the foreground also to be careful as to avoid overwhelming the subject. I wanted the foreground to be interesting but not overwhelming.

Thank you for taking the time to observe my art and read my words. Being able to share it with you means so very much to me.

Warm regards,

James Jordan Armentor