Grater.  Pulling energy to center, harsh rough and greedy arms, snare, grasp, tug and pull.  There is a mouth to feed a hunger to satisfy a thirst to quench.  It must chew, grind, crush and pulverize to ingest.  Raspy legs reach down flowing energy up again to feed the never satisfied gluttony of its ravenous maw.

Grater is painted on sheetmetal with automotive paint.  Grater has a HOK sunset orange base coat, the design is laid out with white and orion silver.  I really wanted a rigid and disturbing design that also has a purpose and some flow.  The multi layered effect gives the piece great movement and the slightly unbalanced symmetry makes you look twice to really get your head around the image.

Thank you for your kind attention to my words and my art.  It really means a great deal to me and I am very honored to bring this work and commentary to you for your enjoyment.

Kind regards,

James Armentor