Art is the expression of freewill. We are trying to understand the world around us. We are free to receive art and impose our will upon it. It's one of the few things where our Freewill is accepted universally. I make and see art in Galveston, Texas please join me.

Art FreeWill is about FreeWill Art in Houston Texas

Hello from Houston Texas,

Artist and observer James Armentor here.  This is the first entry in the Art FreeWill Art Blog.  Just like the title says it’s about Freewill as it relates to Art.  The art bug bit me when I was a wee child.  My dad told me I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil.  Ironically it’s my freewill that has kept me on the outside of the art scene for most of my adult years.   I was disturbed by my lack of focus in the mundane things.  Sometimes when people concentrate on art other things might slip.  When discipline has been harnessed, returning to making art is possible.  Learned skills at making a living in the mundane world of nuts and bolts will sharpen skills and hone art making talents.

So, why a blog?  How does writing about art make a life immersed in art a reality?   It has been said that focus determines reality.  Or where focus goes power flows.  I joke with people and tell them I am building a helicopter.  A helicopter they say?  Yes, and when I am done I will fly away from this place.

A helicopter is an impossibly complicated machine that belies our concept of gravity.  Many moving parts make a symphony of connection and free motion and whoever harnesses its ability can move freely at their will through the three dimensions as we understand them.

The helicopter is almost done.  An analogy of the time spent bringing many disparate talents together where freewill can once again move with art to make Freewill Art break the binding forces that hold spirit to the ground, slipping into the realm of true unencumbered  movement.

Even a helicopter can not exist free of supporting elements.  There is fuel, work space for maintenance and many under recognized factors that allow for freedom of motion.  All parts must move in harmony, transferring energy, motion and intent into direction.  We will find these things where we live by focusing our intentions and in powering our reality with determination.   Then flowing our freewill out to new horizons.

In the coming days weeks and months we will take flight.  No ordinary or mundane trip this will be.  For we have an extraordinary vehicle built of improbably strangely connected experiences forged in an unexpectedly creative three-dimensional reality called Houston Texas.

If it pleases you share this blog with other fellow travelers and builders.  Also, I cordially invite you to comment on the Art FreeWill blog.  If you know of something interesting, please share it with us.  As always any comment is welcomed.

Kind regards,

James Armentor

3 Responses to “Art FreeWill is about FreeWill Art in Houston Texas”

  1. TheArmenator

    The helicopter being a direct description of the art adventure you are on is a masterpiece all on its own. Short sweet and simple! love the writing style!


    • armentorart

      Thanks! The helicopter is almost ready to launch. The trials are almost done. Please, please join me. Kind regards and appreciation. James Armentor


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