Art is the expression of freewill. We are trying to understand the world around us. We are free to receive art and impose our will upon it. It's one of the few things where our Freewill is accepted universally. I make and see art in Galveston, Texas please join me.
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Armentor Art’s first series in the Art FreeWill line is called Gennsis

Art FreeWill Genesis series is the feminine — flowing loops will twist, winding, creating frequencies of color, motion and emotion. Ends of flowing ribbons curl in on themselves, yet not an ending, surely and smoothly creating a vortex to another plane of existence for the observer. This improbability of motion creates the static snap shot. Quickly taking shape, wasting no effort, her existence snaps into our world in an instant. Knowing herself, she has always existed in the eyes of the creator. She is a physical manifestation of spirit for the observer. Seduction, curves of the feminine are the attraction. Sultrily spinning, almost loosing herself in her search for oneness with the masculine. A hypnotic dance of improbable motion will attract the observer to follow the seamless movements leading us where we do not know, yet are not afraid to travel. Nurturing, a caressing nature. Creating shapes with movement, making negative space that is inviting. Welcoming the observer to feel her positive shapes and know her curves in a personal and intimate manner. Not a nomad, her love is a nesting instinct. Her shapes invite us in, invites us to see, touch and feel the home, invites the observer to feel warmth and soaring frequencies.

Compassion, akin to the love that makes the observer possible, the feminine is the embodiment of warm feelings. A vessel that holds the energy of creation, the forces that oppose are not present — only attraction, not rejection. Pure in young spirit she does not know war, only peace, the very essence of the creator and the core of the observer.

Local, feminine is the home, omnipresent yet still grounded, rooted in and implacable. The embodiment of her nest.

Armentor’s art works for the creator and the observer. The Art FreeWill Genesis series begins with the feminine alone, as her manifestation in our world takes focus she has dreams and companions. James is also playing the part of the observer: he is inspired by the feminine spirits in his home area Houston, Texas. Like his home, James is a spirit of stark contradiction. Armentor’s Art FreeWill is exploring his home with renewed intensity. Art FreeWill is a journey. This is only the beginning.

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  1. marvelousmarvelous

    Awesome. Your written words flow just like the art they are describing.


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