Art is the expression of freewill. We are trying to understand the world around us. We are free to receive art and impose our will upon it. It's one of the few things where our Freewill is accepted universally. I make and see art in Galveston, Texas please join me.

Why Armentor Makes Art

Why a being makes art is an age old question. Perhaps as old as the first artist. Could art be a reflection of an artist’s surroundings? Does a person absorb images around his home to get inspired? Do observations of creation and physical manifestations inspire and motivate one to lock themselves away obsessing on artistic expression for hours, days, months even years? Why are some driven to express themselves this way? This may be a complete mystery to those dedicated to perfecting their artistic vision.

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Is art an expression of an inner vision, or is making art merely channeling every soul’s thoughts, hopes, love and devotion into a physical manifestation? Armentor’s motivation for art is a question. A question only recently asked of himself. As one who creates art, he is still in the dark about what moves him to create it. So much so he may have never even seen a reason to explore the motivation. Until one day this artist was challenged; before then this artist did even consider the question of why because it has always been with him. Just like breathing, eating or sleeping this artist only has a limited amount of control over his creative impulses. Sooner or later he must breath, eat and sleep or his life will slip the bonds of this reality. So it is with art for some. Take a break? Yes, perhaps even a long trip down other paths with only a snack and a short nap but, sooner or later, he must feast, he must breath in and he must dream. That is why Art FeeWill was manifested. It is Armentor’s vehicle.

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Is art invited in from the peripheral reaches of our conscious? Is art driven home, cutting through our perceptions like a spear from hither regions that we do not know? Is the artist merely a focal point where energy, spirit, and the life force of the maker is channeled and processed, massaged then managed through crude tools onto canvases?

Perhaps, it’s more true that our spirits make the art together. For where is the artist without the art lover? Whom is the artist trying to please but the observer? When is the art most validated? Is when we behold in art, that what is essence of man? Why do we strive to see, though and contemplate the workings of an artist?

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Humbled by the people who would complement me on my work and those who criticize it. Allways impressed by people’s innate ability to sum up the complicated images that are conjured up from we know not where. Inspired by the intelligence that surrounds us and the limitless power of man’s perception, I strive to honor the observer by honing the gifts creation has brought to my crude instruments.

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Armentor makes and sees Art in Houston Texas, an interesting place, with interesting people. Houston is not what it seems at first glance, and Armentor’s Art is a reflection of the place where he lives and works. I am creating and seeing art in Houston Texas. Will you please follow me on my adventure? I cordially invite you to leave a comment on my efforts.

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Companions. Automotive paint on sheet metal. Not clear coated yet,

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  1. marvelousmarvelous

    Beautifully meditative contemplations on creativity. Your artwork is awe-inspiring.


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