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Armentor’s Old Art


Is it the passage of time that makes things old? Can it be that art is timeless, an instant captured, frozen, preserved? When we are unsure how art is manifested into this reality how do we quantify the passage of time? Time can be a feeling, an emotion, or a response to a touch, smell or sight. We are connected to strong feelings of an experience, not always living in the now. It feels like yesterday, we remember things long ago like it just happened, a seeming unimportant event can be at the forefront of our conscience. Or sometimes currents sweep away events no matter how important they seem, making the distance between now and then an impossible journey.


Time can zoom in and out like a lens on a high speed camera. It can take us inside an event long forgotten by others, long forgotten by all involved except the observer. To an observer involved in this kind of perception time means something completely different than the others involved. The observer can wrap himself up in this moment like a blanket , where the passage of time is slowed, reversed or made irrelevant.


Art can be like a portal, taking us back, giving the observer a window into the artist’s past. To the artist there may be no memory at all of even creating the art. Yet the art exists, transported through time with all the sights, sounds, and feelings of the artist preserved in a visualization of the moment. Like a prehistoric bug trapped in amber.


Armentor’s old art is a reflection of a man who both is different, but the same from the man he is now and who he was. When the observer sees the art for the first time it could be said a journey takes place . . . instantly transported back, in a glance, a fraction of a second, to a time where so many things were different for the artist and everyone around him.


Armentor’s art is a refection of the place he lives — Houston Texas. Time has special meaning in Houston. It’s been said that Houston is a “tear down town”. I think of it more as Houston living in the now, the present, the edge of the wave front that the leading edge of time represents. There may be no other place in the world that is evolving faster than Houston. Energy brings people to this great city from all over the world. Energy that frees us, gives us momentum to pursue our dreams. I see and make art in Houston and my art is a reflection of the warp speed of time experienced here.


A fantastic journey. And as we talked about today, we can be transported back to this present work in an instant in the future. Will the work I make today be Armentor’s Old Art in the future? Or, am I making portholes today for the future that is tomorrow that makes present art timeless. It all depends on the perception of the observer. We are leaving today for tomorrow every day.

I invite you to join me as we punch holes in the forth dimension linking the past, present and future. Please leave a comment and please follow me as we make ties that bind now to tomorrow.

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  1. marvelousmarvelous

    The artwork you posted is a perfect match for the topic and the flow of your narrative. Both the art and your writing style make me feel as if I am flowing through time . . . and the third photo looks like a time portal!


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