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Art and thoughts from first week of August 2015. Time

There is time that has meaning, substance, and weight.   Time that is observed captures an energy that can be harnessed and ridden like a wave.  Time is so much in our minds that a second seems like forever and an hour seems like a second.  The mere act of concentrating on the moment molds it, changes it, makes it a live with the possibilities that it holds.  When an idea is brought forth or downloaded from the field, the time that it happens can mean as much as the idea.

This manifest time was August 4th. 2015.  When the idea was manifested, transported, or downloaded from the infinite field of possible ideas, it ceased to be a possibility and became a reality and focused particle of energy that was imprinted on paper and mind alike.
August 4th 2015  #3

Just like ideas and information, our birthdays hold a special energy; this energy is kept through our lives and guides us on our journey.  This special day, this hour, this instant that we are brought into our reality from the possible has power.  Every person on this earth adds to the beauty of this idea: they deserve to be appreciated and celebrated for their contribution in the world we have all chosen to be a part of.

“I have a feeling that in art the need to understand and the need to communicate are one.”

Hedda Sterne


Born August 4th, 1910

A moment happens giving life to the energy that surrounds all things; without time there can be no existence as we know it.  Everything we know, say, and do is without substance without time to give it life.  What does it matter if you have an idea, thought, or feeling if it has no past, no future, no present?  Without time’s energy to bind our reality it would be just a soup of disjointed happenings without substance and relation.  We create art to help bind this existence to time, then time to space, space to places.  Time is the tie that binds.

August 8th 2015


“Self-pity is the most destructive of all narcotics.”

Sebastian Horsley


Born:  August 8th, 1966

Thank you for taking the time to see my interpretation of this week’s energy. I’ve spent my time observing and appreciating the beauty and balance in my home of Houston, Texas.

My art blog is directed to those looking to capture the energy of this place so we can study then understand ourselves and why we live in this great town of Houston, Texas.  Please leave a comment and join me on my quest.

Warm regards,

James Armentor

2 Responses to “Art and thoughts from first week of August 2015. Time”

  1. marvelousmarvelous

    You writings and ideas about the link between art and time are thought-provoking. I love how you added quotes from artists born during the same week you created the drawings. Both drawings are truly marvelous!


  2. TheArmenator

    As i observe your art, i observe two very different universes that entice me into a closer observation of the styles and tendencies beneath the surface of the ink and delve deeper into classifications and primal aspects of your art. One universe is thin lines, ribbons and spirals that plays on a base level of creation. a beauty that plays on the most basic emotions of man. the other adds heavier lines and a more detailed universe that has evolved past such simple and primal instincts. it has more detail and product of that base creation. I believe that these two universe are spilled through your mind on different frequencies. as your physical skills improved, you also improved on tapping into those frequencies. they stayed separate until you made the magical jump to combining the frequencies creating a new and strange universe where base and evolved creation coexist. it is a paradox yes, but a beautiful one at that ! good job please continue to post more art work !


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