Art is the expression of freewill. We are trying to understand the world around us. We are free to receive art and impose our will upon it. It's one of the few things where our Freewill is accepted universally. I make and see art in Galveston, Texas please join me.

Armentor’s Airbrush Magical Workshop Tour


James Armentor takes you on a brief tour of his airbrush studio. It’s a really nice video sure to entertain and enlighten audiences young and old from all social and economic groups worldwide.

This video is non-political yet controversial in that it uses words spoken in a rich southern dialect that is sure to be banned from the planet for the good of all mankind any day now.
Join James as he takes the observer on a magical tour of a small space were a nearly functionally insane artist makes really fabulous art and looks fantastic doing it in his MOPAR tee shirt. Listen closely as Armentor displays his genius with unparalleled creativity, astounding good looks and marvelous charm.

Never, or at least not recently has anyone been so great at explaining the ins and outs, thrills and disappointments that the exciting world of art on sheetmetal with automotive paint can bring.

Dumpster diving construction never looked so good as it does in Armentor’s work shop. See up close and personal as James explains in excruciating detail how to frustrate and defy logic with reckless abandon while pressuring the end goal of complete dominance of the fine art on sheetmetal with automotive base and clear coat technique.

Best of all meet the modest, incredibly humble (although unbelievably marvelous) person you are almost sure to spend 15 minutes of your life watching. And certainly be driven to return to soak up more of this rare wisdom. All the while sharing links to this excellence with everyone from ex-spouses to complete strangers and even your long forgotten elementary school classmates.

You will not believe the incredible entertainment value and endless educational benefit you will derive from James’s nearly incoherent ramblings about how a great man spends his precious free time in a small highly ventilated and air conditioned environment in the middle of a great swamp know as Houston Texas.

Houston Texas, a land so cruel and so in hospitable there was no one here when old Sam Houston first arrived. Yet the people ticked into moving there were so determined to live in a swamp brought concrete to the marsh, ejected the hot air from their environments and scratched out a really great city in a most improbable place among the bayou.

Note* Unlike this description the video is really useful.

No cute cats, Albert Einstein, flying pigs, Tesla, The illuminati or the New World Order were harmed making this video.
Thanks and kind regards,


Armentor Art Studio #2

Armentor continues his dazzling, informative and life changing tour of this uniquely fabulous airbrush studio. Be prepared for a wild ride that will expand your conscience, make you shorter or taller depending on what you want. Grow hair for the balding and restore vibrancy for the weak.
All this and more can be yours for the investment of your precious time and energy. How can a instructional video add such spice to your life? Simply put, I am great and through me all things are possible. Why would I share such things with the world? I am kind and generous to all my adoring followers.

If it pleases you make a comment, hit the like button, ask a question and subscribe to this Armentor Art channel. It may save your life, it may help you find your life partner, it may be the path to awakening and it will make me very happy.

As always: No cute cats, Albert Einstein, flying pigs, Tesla, The illuminati or the New World Order were harmed making this video.

Do You Feel the Trees?

Do you feel the trees when you see them, are they part of your life?  Sometimes, passing them on the road I sense them, when I am calm I feel them.  Seeing them is noticing them, admiring them is respectful, feeling them is an emotion.  They have a wisdom a deeply rooted and strong a connection with the earth, the emotion and wisdom of a tree is not necessarily the same as we perceive it in our own experience.  They may not have knowledge as a person would understand it, however they are among the wisest living things on the planet.

In order to feel the presence of trees you must first feel the life force inside.  Once you are grounded within your self as the trees are grounded by their roots you can feel them reaching out, communication to all that is grounded is taking place.  Trees also have a relation ship with the atmosphere of the earth.  Modern man has recently discovered trees actually emit and influence the appearance of particles that can fight off disease, ward off harmful funguses  and actually effect the climate by shielding some UV rays and even causing rain fall.  Also intelligent plants can produce particles that repel harmful insects, attract insects that eat harmful insects and even communicate with other plants creating a defensive network.

Now that we know trees and plants have the ability to react to their surroundings, build defensive strategies and must be self aware to achieve these feats will we feel the trees instead of just seeing them?

Feel the Trees.jpg

The Art of Thankfulness


“Top Side Down” Automotive paint on sheet metal. Here the top is still a triumph . It manages to keep the down where it can observe it.

When we are young we are tought the art of thankfulness out of an old and very wise tradition. “James say thank you” was a phrase repeated many times by my loving parents. And what a wise and wonderful thing to teach to a young person. This tradition spans the ages. Perhaps we don’t fully appreciate the impact thankfulness has on our wonderful society. Thankfulness is a great power, a power that leads to receiving more to be thankful for. It has been said that the great minds of the past and present express their thankfulness every time they receive. Every time an idea, feeling, or positive circumstance comes their way a gift is given in return. A gift that is free and at the same time priceless. Some great minds know this seccret; some great minds use this power from routine. It’s the power of “James say thank you.” an echo from the past. The feeling of thankfulness is a key, a key that unlocks all the riches of life. Instinctively we all know this secret; that is why it has been passed down through the ages. The greatest minds use thankfulness every moment they are receiving. This creates a frequency and a path where the energy of appreciating the great gift of life brings them more things to be thankful for. Look around, you don’t have to look far to see the loving attention given to all manmade objects. For example, the computers we use for our work — imagine the designers that first developed the shape and configuration of the case. Imagine their pride at creating a product that affects people’s daily life in such profound ways. Look at the desk you have or the chair you are sitting on. Each manmade creation is the expression of love and the feeling frequency of thankfulness. The people that designed, built, transported and retailed these items used their life energy to bring them to you. In return they were provided with means to have family, food, pets, good times and shelter. We are thankful when we purchase these items, we smile, hand over some of the product of our life energy and say thank you to the clerk when we purchase an item. That is a powerful event. Think of all the things that transpire in that second. All the way from the very beginging of the process to the end of a purchase, loving attention is given. Routine may cloud this reality, but on closer examination it could not and would not be possible without the loving attention of all the people involved. People can do a task, perhaps even do it well, not knowing that the energy of love is flowing through them. However, the reality is love and thankfulness are such powerful forces that they flow through us without our knowing most of the time. It can be like an echo, a voice from the past. “James say thank you” is a power that sticks to us, stored up like a battery and expresses itself in our daily work.  I make, observe and I am thankful for art in Houston Texas.  Please join me.  Please leave a comment!

Kind regards, James

Armentor art reflections 2nd week of August 2015: Freeways

We are tied down and also liberated by them, spend our lives speeding, cruising and sitting on them. They connect us and separate us, move us, and stop us. Who is not touched by them? They capture the duality of man in ways that few things do. A subject talked about constantly in casual conversation and broadcasted to the masses every 15 minutes. That we do not seem to really celebrate the idea of how much we are affected in every way every day is a mystery. The grander, the spectacular, the literal life and death struggle for all involved. We think nothing of its huge shining masses of beautiful steel moving at unnatural speeds inches from solid immoveable objects. When commuting, we are out of natural time, out of touch with the natural motion, and never give it a thought. All the creative energy spins on to them, churning, pulling us from our homes, our very natural existence to risk it all. Risk it all to move faster and further than man has ever dreamed of before. How this thing must fundamentally change us as humans, make us almost interdimensional time travelers! What would a man on horseback think: could he adapt to the force that we take for granted? We risk our lives, our health, our sanity to participate in this bizarre ritual. The communities that lay along these powerful currents feed into them their energy, their time, and their money. Faster, safer, more efficient, more expensive chariots are in order. Art! The most beautiful art can be witnessed in these rivers of concrete, steel, paint, rubber, flesh, bone and blood. You can feel the power coursing, throbbing and screaming for miles from the epicenter of this theater of the extreme. Houston has a system that boggles the mind. She allows most of its citizens to live far away in the comfort of manicured lawns, swimming pools, white picket fences where life is simple. Away, far away from the spinning energy, the strong vibrations and power of the city. For many, the tolling of the worship bell breaks the tranquil sleep of the burbs; before the sun is in the sky the faithful prepare to journey to the center. The magnificent center where art rises from the grounds, literally out of the shores of the bayous to touch the sky in brilliant glass, steel and technology. They risk everything, hurtling at break neck speed. Totally reliant on their fellow man whom they do not know for their very lives. Some to make their fortune — millions or even billions; many just to keep their life in the outskirts outside the castle walls in the prairie. Some one misstep from living under the very underpass they fly across today, where the unseen, the unwashed and unwanted gather showing their fealty to our great monuments to power in their own way. I salute this, I live this, I willingly trust my fellow man in ways few known civilizations prior to this can imagine. The person next to me, the man that changed my tires, the people who designed and built the bridges, roads and traffic signals. Even though I have almost lost my life and the life of the one I hold most dear. My faith was shaken but not broken, back to the powerful rivers we went, headlong into the night, day, rain, sleet and snow. Trusting in ways almost no one thinks about until confronted with the reality of living on the river of concrete. Trusting my fellow man not to let me be obliterated by the amazing power we embrace in the daily commute. As Houston grows and matures, she is quickly becoming even more of a dazzling work of art. Freeways larger, faster, and safer. Buildings taller, newer, more efficient and more sophisticated, I marvel at the beauty. Our communities, builders, artists, and everyday people are the real machines, gears, the generators that supply this town with the power to keep going and growing. We celebrate this art more and more every day. A great gathering, people and their energy flock to Houston where we trust each other so much we ride the rivers of power together and donʼt give it a second thought. I celebrate the unsung heros of our society that make these rivers possible: they allow me to see and experience art I would never see without them. They are art in their own right. James Armetor makes and sees art every day in Houston Texas. Art Free Will is his chariot. Will you please leave a comment? Will you please follow my art blog? Kind regards, abundance and peace. James Armentor

Art and thoughts from first week of August 2015. Time

There is time that has meaning, substance, and weight.   Time that is observed captures an energy that can be harnessed and ridden like a wave.  Time is so much in our minds that a second seems like forever and an hour seems like a second.  The mere act of concentrating on the moment molds it, changes it, makes it a live with the possibilities that it holds.  When an idea is brought forth or downloaded from the field, the time that it happens can mean as much as the idea.

This manifest time was August 4th. 2015.  When the idea was manifested, transported, or downloaded from the infinite field of possible ideas, it ceased to be a possibility and became a reality and focused particle of energy that was imprinted on paper and mind alike.
August 4th 2015  #3

Just like ideas and information, our birthdays hold a special energy; this energy is kept through our lives and guides us on our journey.  This special day, this hour, this instant that we are brought into our reality from the possible has power.  Every person on this earth adds to the beauty of this idea: they deserve to be appreciated and celebrated for their contribution in the world we have all chosen to be a part of.

“I have a feeling that in art the need to understand and the need to communicate are one.”

Hedda Sterne


Born August 4th, 1910

A moment happens giving life to the energy that surrounds all things; without time there can be no existence as we know it.  Everything we know, say, and do is without substance without time to give it life.  What does it matter if you have an idea, thought, or feeling if it has no past, no future, no present?  Without time’s energy to bind our reality it would be just a soup of disjointed happenings without substance and relation.  We create art to help bind this existence to time, then time to space, space to places.  Time is the tie that binds.

August 8th 2015


“Self-pity is the most destructive of all narcotics.”

Sebastian Horsley


Born:  August 8th, 1966

Thank you for taking the time to see my interpretation of this week’s energy. I’ve spent my time observing and appreciating the beauty and balance in my home of Houston, Texas.

My art blog is directed to those looking to capture the energy of this place so we can study then understand ourselves and why we live in this great town of Houston, Texas.  Please leave a comment and join me on my quest.

Warm regards,

James Armentor

Armentor’s Old Art


Is it the passage of time that makes things old? Can it be that art is timeless, an instant captured, frozen, preserved? When we are unsure how art is manifested into this reality how do we quantify the passage of time? Time can be a feeling, an emotion, or a response to a touch, smell or sight. We are connected to strong feelings of an experience, not always living in the now. It feels like yesterday, we remember things long ago like it just happened, a seeming unimportant event can be at the forefront of our conscience. Or sometimes currents sweep away events no matter how important they seem, making the distance between now and then an impossible journey.


Time can zoom in and out like a lens on a high speed camera. It can take us inside an event long forgotten by others, long forgotten by all involved except the observer. To an observer involved in this kind of perception time means something completely different than the others involved. The observer can wrap himself up in this moment like a blanket , where the passage of time is slowed, reversed or made irrelevant.


Art can be like a portal, taking us back, giving the observer a window into the artist’s past. To the artist there may be no memory at all of even creating the art. Yet the art exists, transported through time with all the sights, sounds, and feelings of the artist preserved in a visualization of the moment. Like a prehistoric bug trapped in amber.


Armentor’s old art is a reflection of a man who both is different, but the same from the man he is now and who he was. When the observer sees the art for the first time it could be said a journey takes place . . . instantly transported back, in a glance, a fraction of a second, to a time where so many things were different for the artist and everyone around him.


Armentor’s art is a refection of the place he lives — Houston Texas. Time has special meaning in Houston. It’s been said that Houston is a “tear down town”. I think of it more as Houston living in the now, the present, the edge of the wave front that the leading edge of time represents. There may be no other place in the world that is evolving faster than Houston. Energy brings people to this great city from all over the world. Energy that frees us, gives us momentum to pursue our dreams. I see and make art in Houston and my art is a reflection of the warp speed of time experienced here.


A fantastic journey. And as we talked about today, we can be transported back to this present work in an instant in the future. Will the work I make today be Armentor’s Old Art in the future? Or, am I making portholes today for the future that is tomorrow that makes present art timeless. It all depends on the perception of the observer. We are leaving today for tomorrow every day.

I invite you to join me as we punch holes in the forth dimension linking the past, present and future. Please leave a comment and please follow me as we make ties that bind now to tomorrow.

Why Armentor Makes Art

Why a being makes art is an age old question. Perhaps as old as the first artist. Could art be a reflection of an artist’s surroundings? Does a person absorb images around his home to get inspired? Do observations of creation and physical manifestations inspire and motivate one to lock themselves away obsessing on artistic expression for hours, days, months even years? Why are some driven to express themselves this way? This may be a complete mystery to those dedicated to perfecting their artistic vision.

Featured image

Is art an expression of an inner vision, or is making art merely channeling every soul’s thoughts, hopes, love and devotion into a physical manifestation? Armentor’s motivation for art is a question. A question only recently asked of himself. As one who creates art, he is still in the dark about what moves him to create it. So much so he may have never even seen a reason to explore the motivation. Until one day this artist was challenged; before then this artist did even consider the question of why because it has always been with him. Just like breathing, eating or sleeping this artist only has a limited amount of control over his creative impulses. Sooner or later he must breath, eat and sleep or his life will slip the bonds of this reality. So it is with art for some. Take a break? Yes, perhaps even a long trip down other paths with only a snack and a short nap but, sooner or later, he must feast, he must breath in and he must dream. That is why Art FeeWill was manifested. It is Armentor’s vehicle.

Featured image

Is art invited in from the peripheral reaches of our conscious? Is art driven home, cutting through our perceptions like a spear from hither regions that we do not know? Is the artist merely a focal point where energy, spirit, and the life force of the maker is channeled and processed, massaged then managed through crude tools onto canvases?

Perhaps, it’s more true that our spirits make the art together. For where is the artist without the art lover? Whom is the artist trying to please but the observer? When is the art most validated? Is when we behold in art, that what is essence of man? Why do we strive to see, though and contemplate the workings of an artist?

Featured image

Humbled by the people who would complement me on my work and those who criticize it. Allways impressed by people’s innate ability to sum up the complicated images that are conjured up from we know not where. Inspired by the intelligence that surrounds us and the limitless power of man’s perception, I strive to honor the observer by honing the gifts creation has brought to my crude instruments.

Featured image

Armentor makes and sees Art in Houston Texas, an interesting place, with interesting people. Houston is not what it seems at first glance, and Armentor’s Art is a reflection of the place where he lives and works. I am creating and seeing art in Houston Texas. Will you please follow me on my adventure? I cordially invite you to leave a comment on my efforts.

Featured image

Companions. Automotive paint on sheet metal. Not clear coated yet,

Spring back

Armentor Art’s first series in the Art FreeWill line is called Gennsis

Art FreeWill Genesis series is the feminine — flowing loops will twist, winding, creating frequencies of color, motion and emotion. Ends of flowing ribbons curl in on themselves, yet not an ending, surely and smoothly creating a vortex to another plane of existence for the observer. This improbability of motion creates the static snap shot. Quickly taking shape, wasting no effort, her existence snaps into our world in an instant. Knowing herself, she has always existed in the eyes of the creator. She is a physical manifestation of spirit for the observer. Seduction, curves of the feminine are the attraction. Sultrily spinning, almost loosing herself in her search for oneness with the masculine. A hypnotic dance of improbable motion will attract the observer to follow the seamless movements leading us where we do not know, yet are not afraid to travel. Nurturing, a caressing nature. Creating shapes with movement, making negative space that is inviting. Welcoming the observer to feel her positive shapes and know her curves in a personal and intimate manner. Not a nomad, her love is a nesting instinct. Her shapes invite us in, invites us to see, touch and feel the home, invites the observer to feel warmth and soaring frequencies.

Compassion, akin to the love that makes the observer possible, the feminine is the embodiment of warm feelings. A vessel that holds the energy of creation, the forces that oppose are not present — only attraction, not rejection. Pure in young spirit she does not know war, only peace, the very essence of the creator and the core of the observer.

Local, feminine is the home, omnipresent yet still grounded, rooted in and implacable. The embodiment of her nest.

Armentor’s art works for the creator and the observer. The Art FreeWill Genesis series begins with the feminine alone, as her manifestation in our world takes focus she has dreams and companions. James is also playing the part of the observer: he is inspired by the feminine spirits in his home area Houston, Texas. Like his home, James is a spirit of stark contradiction. Armentor’s Art FreeWill is exploring his home with renewed intensity. Art FreeWill is a journey. This is only the beginning.

Will you please follow? You are enthusiastically invited! Please post a comment.